South Brunswick's First Physical Therapy Practice!

The Rehabilitation Center is a physical therapy practice  that is dedicated to ensuring the physical health of all those who wish to make a successful recovery.  We offer convenient hours, licensed professional physical therapists and state of the art equipment.  Our therapists have over 30 years of combined experience!

"Making your care, our world."


We treat all types of injuries

The Rehabilitation Center takes pride in the fact that we treat all types of injuries, conditions, and illnesses.  We offer expert Physical Therapy to every patient that comes through our door.  Give us a call and you can speak to a therapist directly with any questions concerning treatment.  Click here to go to our services page.


Professional Exercise Equipment!

We house a suite of state of the art Biodex rehabilitation equipment that exceeds professional standards, including a Gait Trainer, a Cyclocentric semi-recumbent bike, upper body exerciser and upright bike.  We also have a "State of the Art" ultrasound/electrical stimulation machine called the Genisus from Chattanooga.

Our reputation for excellence stands year after year as satisfied patients recommend The Rehabilitation Center to families and friends who need physical therapy.  TRC provides treatment for adolescents and adults, women and men; whether you're an amateur, professional, or armchair athlete.  Our quality care and expertise will help you lead a more independent and fulfilling life.  Take a look at the results of our "online" Patient Satisfaction Survey.  We pride ourselves on delivering "Outstanding Patient Care" and we feel these results represent that!  Our patient satisfaction and their willingness to refer family and friends is one of the greatest complements that we can receive.  If you can't see the 3D chart please click here.


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